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Khoros Pro K H O R O S    P R O
is Now Available from AccuSoft as VisiQuest.

Khoral is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the Khoros Pro product line by AccuSoft Corporation. AccuSoft is the creator of ImageGear, an industry leading technology for developing imaging and image-enabled applications. AccuSoft has produced an update, newly-branded release of the Khoros Pro product line called VisiQuest. VisiQuest is now shipping through AccuSoft and its worldwide authorized resellers

For current Khoros Pro maintenance customers, Khoral will continue to provide support through the existing maintenance period. Khoral wishes to extend sincere thanks to the Khoros customer base for their support and patronage over the years.

Please visit the AccuSoft web site at or call (800) 525-3577 for more information.

In cooperation with AccuSoft, Khoral continues to offer Khoros customization services.

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